The UW-Madison Muslim Students’ Association presents: Yasmin Mogahed: The Heart’s Journey to God

Insha’Allah if you are in or around Madison, WI on Monday Nov. 26, Yasmin Mogahed will be at the campus to give a talk. It is free, so insha’Allah spread the word. 

Sheikh Yusuf Estes Visiting WI Insha’Allah

Insha’Allah this coming Friday and Saturday Sheikh Yusuf Estes is blessing us with his presence in Madison, WI. He will be at the Islamic Center for Jummah prayer on Friday insha’Allah, and then Saturday he will be at Masjid As Sunnah to give a talk at 7pm insha’Allah. If you are anywhere in the area, insha’Allah please attend. Let us show our Islamic presence in WI and benefit from the knowledge he will share! :)