Brothers - Remove Your Pictures. We see a lot of posts regarding women and modesty, lets take a minute to focus on the fact that some brothers need to also tone it down a bit, subhan’Allah. Women are just as susceptible to attractive men as men are to attractive women. It works both ways!

Hijab is not cultural

As I was studying with a friend at her work today, a man came in and gave us both a double take. The exchange went like this:

Him: Where are you from?

Us: Here.

Him: No, but where are you from?

Us: We are from here. 

Him: You have things on your head.

Us: Yep!

Him: What does that…why?

Us: We’re Muslim. :)

Him: Well, don’t you think that since you are in America, you should dress like Americans?

Us: We are dressed like Americans. Like A Muslim who is American.

Him: No, but I mean, you are insulting American culture by dressing like that.

Us: ???

Him: You are dressing in your culture, you are not embracing America. You are insulting it by keeping your own culture, you should try to assimilate. 

Us: I am not wearing hijab for cultural reasons, I am wearing it for religious reasons. Culture and Religion are two separate things.

Him: Well you are dressing like an Arab, that is the Arab culture. You are not in the Middle East, you are in the West. You don’t think you should dress like the West?

Us: You would rather us be exposed like the other women? My body is for my husband, no one else.

Him: You don’t have to be exposed, you just don’t have to dress like Arab people dress when you aren’t in the Middle East.

Us: This is not “Arab” dress. This is Islamic dress. You will find people from many different countries that dress like this. It isn’t limited to the middle east, and its not a cultural outfit. It’s a religious outfit. Where are you from?

Him: Sudan.

Us: You’re not a Muslim?

Him: Unfortunately no, I’m not. I am of a small majority that did not follow Islam there.

Us: Well, you are in America now. Why do you still have your accent? Why aren’t you assimilating into Western culture?

Him: This is my accent, it is not cultural. It is who I am.

Us: Exactly. Hijab is not cultural for us. It is who we are. Muslims.

But never will Allah delay a soul when its time has come. And Allah is Acquainted with what you do.

Surat Al-Munāfiqūn 63:11

Modesty is an ingredient of Iman (faith).
Sahih Muslim Book 1, Hadith 57

Should Christians Wear Bikinis? A nice short video about modesty that everyone should listen to, regardless of your religious beliefs.